We’ve been contacted by businesses this week about a petition being taken round looking for support against the proposal for Prestwick to become a business improvement district. There have also been lots of emails and messages to the PBA facebook page from businesses who are asking questions. To help businesses we have asked the BID project manager Donna Read to put together some frequently asked questions to help keep you informed.


The petition

We would kindly ask all business owners before you sign a petition allow us to provide you with enough information for you to make a truly informed decision. From now until the 31 March Donna will conduct a consultation with all businesses, the consultation involves listening to Prestwick businesses about their ideas to improve business in Prestwick.


Following the consultation, Donna will prepare a 3-year proposal based on the information given in the consultations. It’s this 3-year proposal that we will ask businesses to vote on. Businesses will have a few months to consider the proposal and will vote by ballot in June 2019.